Jamal Lewis Says One Thing, Then Actually Does It


All the respect in the world goes out to running back Jamal Lewis. He’s been saying all along that he wants to stay in Cleveland and, by golly, he is actually going to sign a contract that will keep him a Brownie for at least three more years. Here is the generic, “I love this city because they gave me money” response (seriously though, I like Jamal and it’s great to see that he will be back):

"“I am thankful to the Browns for the opportunity they gave me last year to come out and prove that I was still one of the top running backs in the NFL,” said Lewis in a statement. “I feel the future is extremely bright for this team and I’m excited to be a part of it for another three years. I said all year long that I wanted to get a long-term deal done to stay in Cleveland and it looks like with this new contract I’ll be able to finish my career as a Brown.”"

No matter what, it will still be a good thing to see him in a Browns uniform next season, and the next, and the next. He was singlehandedly carrying the offense at times in the second half, and this at least puts to rest the question of who will start at running back. Those little words – “stability” and “commitment” – sure are being thrown around Cleveland a lot these days. Oh, you don’t know what that means? Those are words successful teams use because players actually want to play for them.

Try them out, see how they taste. It’s good, isn’t it?