Report: Shaun Rogers Deal Close to Fruition


When Phil Savage says the Browns will be active in free agency, he means it.  The whirlwind weekend continues as it was confirmed that the team was in talks with the Detroit Lions for defensive lineman Shaun Rogers.  Here’s the problem: the Browns are expected to give up their third-round pick and, possibly, cornerback Leigh Bodden.  The Lions are desperate for secondary help, so this shouldn’t come as a surprise.  What is surprising is that the Browns may have ZERO picks in the first three rounds of the draft.  If the deal happens, they will continue to focus on their “second-day draft picks.”  It may seem ridiculous to be without picks until the fourth round, but the team would be getting two top-tier defensive linemen in the process.

However, Big Al over at SideLion Report says:

"One side of me says “Good riddance,” and is happy to see the underachieving, lackadaisical, locker room cancer of a fat ass go."

For the record, the second side of Big Al doesn’t want to see Rogers go simply because there is no one to take his apparently worthless place.

I’m hoping a change of scenery keeps Rogers motivated.  He still has a ton of upside for being considered a solid veteran.  And hey, we had Ted Washington, so the Browns aren’t discriminatory when it comes to weight.