Brown Greatest Ever


In a follow up to yesterday’s reported “top 64 running backs” ESPN has a new list out today, the best running backs of all time. Atop the list is Cleveland Browns great Jim Brown, who is still active with the club as an Executive Advisor .

Now I don’t care if you call me a homer but this is something I have been advocating since I was 5 or 6, and even possibly earlier. All I have to say that it is about time ESPN recognizes Brown because it seems that they don’t appreciate anyone who played before 1989.  Again, I may be a bit biased, for until recently they never gave more than 2 minutes of coverage to the Browns all season. But call me crazy when I say it takes time to assess a player’s career, which is why it drives me so crazy when people label Ladainian Tomlinson or Marshall Faulk the greatest of all time.  It’s those people who don’t know their NFL history that need to sit down and watch footage of Brown.