Former CB Leigh Bodden On His Way Out of Detroit


The trade of CB Leigh Bodden and a third-round pick to the Detroit Lions for Pro Bowler Shaun Rogers now seems as lopsided as ever.  The Lions announced that they are ready to part ways with Bodden after the cornerback voiced his displeasure with the coaching staff of former head coach Rod Marinelli.

Bodden wore out his welcome pretty early in Detroit after pouting about not receiving the starting spot at his position.  Although it’s insane that he wasn’t given the starting job and then moved to the left side of the field where he was less comfortable, Bodden’s me-first, douchebaggey confident attitude most likely did not win him any friends in the Lions organization, which was a major factor in the Lions’ decision to cut him loose.  That and the fact that Bodden was due a $8.6 million roster bonus.

Bodden wasn’t bad with the Browns, and the team surely could have used him in their paper-thin secondary this past season.  However, the last thing the organization needs is another mentally unstable ego.  Here’s your evidence (this is Bodden talking in December about a new coaching staff in Detroit):

"“If they bring somebody in that respects the way that I play, because I’m one of the best in the league, and if a coaching staff can respect that, then I’ll be happy anywhere.”"

One of the best in the league?  Not even the No. 1 on an 0-16 team?  If you say so.  But would it be worth exploring Bodden as an option for the Browns?  After all, he is about to become a free agent.  My guess would be no, and I think Eric Mangini’s attitude towards treating whiny veterans would reflect a little too close to Marinelli’s rather than Romeo Crennel’s let-the-inmates-run-the-asylum approach for Bodden’s liking anyway.