March 16th is an Important Date


OK so here we go again, with the QB’s.  However this time it’s different folks.  March 16, 2009.  Remember this date, now only if it where a day earlier I’d tell you to be aware of that day (my Julius Caesar fans out there know what I’m talking about).

So what’s so important you ask yourself about that date, well simply put that’s the day Derek Anderson makes some bank. $5 million of it to be exact, in the form of his roster bonus.  But that’s not the point I’m trying to make here, follow me and my thinking if you will.

No team will want to trade for DA before this date, because they all know that he is due this bonus, and let’s face it he really doesn’t deserve it.  So with that being said the only way DA will be on a different team before the 16th is if he is released by the Browns and gets picked up by another club, giving the Browns zip in return.  And trust me there are a number of teams who would love to see Derek “on the streets” (Lions, Bucs, Vikings, 49ers, Redskins — I’m looking at you).  As you see there are a number of teams who need a QB as well as a number of other positions, (cough”Lions”cough) and would be foolish in my estimation to waste the #1 pick this year on a borderline QB.

With this thinking here is what I am proposing the Browns do from here.  First pay the man, good ahead and give Anderson his $5 million, Randy Learner can afford it.  Second, trade his rear immediately afterwords.  With the Browns covering his roaster bonus Anderson regains some tradeability (is that even a word, whatever I just made it one) and attractiveness to other teams.

There have been a number of rumors out there this week, especially because of the just wrapped up combine.  No doubt Anderson’s highest value was following the 2007 season (1st and a 3rd), but if the club “mans” up and pays Anderson, I can envision a team taking a shot at the kid (mind you that just over a year ago he was playing in the Pro Bowl) and the Browns getting possibly a 3rd rounder out of the deal.  Hey at this point I’d take that 3rd rounder with some very big open arms.

Of course I could also have my head in the clouds and be praying for this to happen, but it’s an idea and the team should/needs to look at every possibility.   So pay no attention to those internet stories.  Maybe this new crew has gotten good at smoke screening others, finally!