Safety Help On Its Way?


According to and their rumor mill, it looks as if the Browns may be one of a few teams targeting former Dallas Cowboy safety Roy L. Williams. Signing Williams would at least fill the gap left by Sean Jones‘ departure.  For those fans who aren’t ESPN insiders here is the full story.

"Big market for Roy?Roy L. Williams | Cowboys | Interested: Raiders? Browns? Bears? Saints? Vikings?After a season where he suited up for just three games, and an offseason where decided to reverse field and make him the guy who has to use his middle initial, free agent safety Roy L. Williams is a strong candidate for a comeback campaign. Williams’ agent Jordan Woy thinks so too, and he’s told the Dallas Morning News that like a certain former teammate, Williams has “several” teams interested in him.The good news for Roy L. is that he lacks the apparent bad-rep baggage that his former teammate carried and that he’s established himself as one of the league’s hardest hitters. The bad news is that during the course of establishing this reputation as a hard-hitter, he’s also taken a big toll on his own body while laying out countless opponents. In addition, Williams’ lack of ability in pass coverage could stop teams from signing him to be a traditional safety in a 4-3 scheme, a role he’d like to continue according to the News.While no team has publicly stated any interest yet, several teams are rumored to be in the market for a safety and will probably take a good look at Williams. One option is the Cleveland Browns, who lost Sean Jones to free agency after he signed with the Philadelphia Eagles last week. Another option is the Oakland Raiders, who lost starting strong safety Gibril Wilson to free agency, and whose fanbase would love to have an assassin like Williams making highlight hits all season.Less likely options are the New Orleans Saints, Minnesota Vikings and Chicago Bears, but they remain in the picture. The Saints possess a powerful strong safety already in Roman Harper, and are looking to upgrade with a free safety this offseason, a role that is pretty unsuitable for Williams. However, it’s possible that new defensive coordinator Gregg Williams would be able to work out a new base scheme that involves both hard-hitting safeties playing at the same time. The Vikings are in the same boat after deciding not to re-sign Darren Sharper, and although Williams cannot bring the same level of ability to the pass defense, he would strengthen even further the league’s No. 1 rush defense, the only problem would be finding a proper role. The Bears are in pretty dire need of a safety, but general manager Jerry Angelo stated earlier this offseason that the team would not be going after any “big name” free agents, and he has so far stuck to his word."