Browns Lose, But Mohamed Massaquoi and Jerome Harrison Made It Worth Watching


Yes, the Browns lost on Sunday, but it was something none of the Browns’ other three game have been so far: exciting.  QB Derek Anderson did provide a spark to the offense, despite throwing what turned out to be a costly interception in the end zone.  And even though it was a particularly crushing loss at home in overtime, there were two – three if you count the usual special teams magic of Joshua Cribbs – bright spots that made this a very memorable game.

WR Mohamed Massaquoi and RB Jerome Harrison each had fantastic games that makes one wonder if these are actually stats for players on the Cleveland Browns.  Massaquoi acted like he was the Pro Bowl receiver on the team, catching eight passes for 148 yards, an average of 18.5 yards.  Harrison rushed 29 times for 121 yards, good for a 4.2 avg.

The talk all week leading up to the game was that a player like Massaquoi was going to have to get involved in the offense if the Browns wanted any chance at winning.  It was also said that it was Harrison’s time to step up and show something in the starting role.  He was able to do so, but will unfortunately fade back into obscurity when Jamal Lewis returns.  It does leave some hope for the future of the running game, however.

Massaquoi, on the other hand, should now be seeing plenty of playing time.  We obviously shouldn’t expect those kinds of numbers from Massaquoi every week, but what this could indicate is the start of the countdown to Braylon Edwards’ last game in a Browns uniform.  Judging by his most recent antics, that day is coming much sooner rather than later.