Wide Receiver Braylon Edwards Traded to the New York Jets, and It’s Good for the Browns


The Braylon Edwards era – the one of dropped passes, off-the-field (and on-the-field, for that matter) altercations, a conspiracy of hatred because of a Michigan background, and one great season in 2007 – is finally over.  The Browns have traded Edwards to the New York Jets – no surprise there – for WR Chansi Stuckey, special teams player Jason Trusnik, and two draft picks.  The picks are apparently are third and fifth rounders, but the third could turn into a second-round pick should Edwards have a certain number of receptions this season.

Stuckey was the #2 receiver in New York, and Trusnik, signed as an undrafted free agent out of Ohio Northern in 2007, was named the AFC special teams player of the week in Week Three.  Trusnik, besides being a great special teams player, is also a backup linebacker.

I said it was pretty much a guarantee to see Braylon gone by next season, but his departure came sooner than expected.  However, I don’t think anyone in Cleveland is lamenting this deal, especially if Edwards turns into a second-round pick for the Browns.  After Edwards’ latest mistake of beating up LeBron James’ friend, it was only a matter of time before Eric Mangini dumped Edwards onto some other team.  It also relieves the Browns of this headache, and allows the team to finally move in a new direction.

Sure, this gives the Jets their supposed final piece of the puzzle, but it also opens up the Browns receiving corps to a number of options…and questions.  What will this do to the value of Josh Cribbs and Mohamed Massaquoi?  Given the chemistry between Massaquoi and Derek Anderson in last week’s game, one can probably expect to see some good numbers from him.  Better yet, we finally get a chance to see Brian Robiskie.  This trade might seem like a complete destruction of the team’s receivers to some, but what are the Browns really losing here but a completely erratic player who no one in Cleveland ever seemed to like?  On the bright side, Massaquoi looks like he will inherit Edwards’ big play potential.  Let’s not forget the importance of Stuckey in all of this as well.

Who here wonders if LeBron James called up the Browns and requested Edwards’ trade?

(I’m just kidding.  Sort of.)