Peter King Needs a New Crystal Ball


Remember how mad some die-hard Browns fans were when ESPN and Peter King put Cleveland at the bottom of the power rankings for this season?

Well…take some solace in looking carefully at King’s predictions for this season:

One would be hard pressed to be any more wrong.  The Pats beating the Bears for the Super Bowl?  The Saints finishing third in their division?  One could go on and on.

I realize that predictions are just that – educated guesses.  But I would expect that someone who earns huge bucks to study the League and the teams would be a fair bit more accurate than me, for example.  Not so.

In any event, the Browns stand a good chance at winning 4 games this season, which would place our team 2 wins above what King predicted and out of the cellar of the NFL.  Our next three opponents are the Chiefs (away), the Raiders (at home) and the Jaguars (at home).  The Bills, who we defeated for our first victory of the year,  just beat Kansas City at Arrowhead.  The Raiders just got pummelled by the less than stellar Redskins.  And the Jaguars will be in for some tough football in January at Cleveland Browns Stadium.  We could, realistically, win two of our remaining three football games.

Maybe Peter should try another polish on that crystal ball.

Go Browns!