Mike Holmgren Optimistic About Browns’ Future


Another day, another Browns-related article that somehow ends up including LeBron James. This time, team president Mike Holmgren addressed James’ less-than-tactful departure from the city, but then chose to focus on his optimism surrounding the Browns organization and its future.

It has been discussed here at Dawg Pound Daily the fact that the Browns are once again the kings of Cleveland, and it is something that Holmgren and the Browns embrace. Holmgren was quoted as saying in this cleveland.com article that:

"If, in fact, all eyes are turned toward us now, that’s a good thing. That’s a pressure that helps you work harder, helps motivate coaches, players, management. I believe our team is better than last year, already. Now we have to prove it on the field. Shoot, that’s why we all came here to try to get it done.”"

You have to appreciate Holmgren’s ability to bring a certain persona to the team already. His expectations of the quarterbacks and head coach Eric Mangini are assumed, but he takes it a step further: he also expects certain members of this year’s draft class to start contributing immediately. Having that confidence in young players will go a long way in the maturation of this team.

With training camp starting at the end of this month, this is just one of the many reasons to start getting excited for the upcoming season.

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