The Fallout of Cleveland Browns QB Colt McCoy’s Concussion


The concussion that Cleveland Browns quarterback Colt McCoy sustained on Thursday night is becoming big news, thanks in large part to the game being played on national television.

The NFL has been investigating the Browns to determine whether or not the team followed the proper procedures in checking McCoy for a concussion on the sidelines. Sources have told ESPN that the Browns didn’t perform the SCAT2 concussion test (sport concussion assessment tool) on McCoy before letting him go back into the game. Additionally, the team didn’t even perform any kind of concussion test on the quarterback until the following morning.

Chris Mortensen of ESPN has also predicted that the mishandling of McCoy’s concussion could finally be the example the NFL needed to require independent neurologists at games.

On the other side of the ball, Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison could be facing a suspension for the helmet-to-helmet hit that gave McCoy the concussion. Harrison is no stranger to receiving punishment from the league for the way that he plays, and after his hit on McCoy, it’s time that he was given a suspension. He obviously has had little regard for the fines the league has handed down, so perhaps a suspension in the middle of a division race might do the trick.

Head coach Pat Shurmur insists that the team followed the correct protocol on the sidelines when it came to evaluating Colt McCoy. Allegedly, he didn’t display signs of even having a concussion until after the game, but McCoy also told his father that he didn’t remember coming back into the game.

Suffice it to say, this situation seems far from over and could finally spur the league into adding extra precautions for players who have possible head injuries.

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