Browns QB Seneca Wallace to Start Against Baltimore Ravens


What was simply a foregone conclusion is finally a fact – Cleveland Browns backup quarterback Seneca Wallace will be starting in Baltimore on Saturday.

With Colt McCoy still not cleared to even practice after suffering a concussion on Dec. 8, starting Wallace was an obvious choice.

Some might see this as yet another audition for Seneca Wallace to prove that he can be a starting quarterback in the NFL. The nine-year veteran has a lot of experience in this type of offense and did provide a spark – at least for a little bit – in the Browns’ overtime loss to the Arizona Cardinals last week.

Regardless of that, there is no way that Wallace will be the starting quarterback for the Browns beyond these next two games, barring any injuries to McCoy. Why anyone is entertaining that thought is a mystery, but it’s a yearly tradition for Browns fans. When the chips are down, it becomes a frenzied mess of frustration that ends with fans holding onto any quarterback as a glimmer of hope.

Rather, we should simply face the facts. Colt McCoy is, and should continue to be, the Browns’ starting quarterback. The team needs to focus its efforts elsewhere in the draft, hopefully on playmakers to surround the young quarterback. But that’s not until April.

For now, we will watch Seneca Wallace “audition” for nothing.

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