Did Colt McCoy’s Father Really Ruin Things for His Son?


According to a report, Colt McCoy’s father may have been the main catalyst for his son’s demise with the Cleveland Browns. As you’ll recall, Brad McCoy made public comments about his son’s concussion last season, calling out the Browns organization for not handling it properly. While that may be true, those comments were apparently not appreciated by the team.

In his column on ESPNCleveland.com, Tony Grossi considered what the comments of McCoy’s father meant to the quarterback’s future.

"I’ve been told that McCoy’s fate as a former starter was sealed when his father sounded off about the club’s handling of his concussion in the Pittsburgh game on Dec. 8.I was told at the time that Brad McCoy’s comments meant the end of McCoy in Cleveland, but I didn’t believe it then.The comments did not drive the pursuit of a new quarterback, but I believe they contributed to McCoy’s demise."

It’s hard to believe that the team would be this petty, but it likely didn’t help the situation. And considering how Mike Holmgren had to pull rank and tell Tom Heckert to select Brandon Weeden with the 22nd overall pick in the draft, it would appear that the Browns were still willing to go into next season with McCoy as the starter.

Regardless of what anyone thinks, it’s been interesting to watch Colt McCoy’s quick transformation and change of fortune within the organization. It’s been perplexing, abnormal, and, unfortunately, very Browns-like.

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