Browns LB Scott Fujita Reserves Right to Appeal Three-Game Suspension


Cleveland Browns linebacker Scott Fujita is reserving his right to appeal a three-game suspension he received for his alleged involvement in the bounty program that took place when he was a member of the New Orleans Saints. His appeal is pending a resolution of the grievance that the NFLPA filed last week.

Fujita sent an e-mail to the Associated Press on Monday to explain his position.

"“I disagree wholeheartedly with the discipline imposed. I’ve yet to hear the specifics of any allegation against me, nor have I seen any evidence that supports what the NFL alleges. I look forward to the opportunity to confront what evidence they claim to have in the appropriate forum. I have never contributed money to any so-called ‘bounty’ pool, and any statements to the contrary are false. To say I’m disappointed with the League would be a huge understatement.”"

Obviously Fujita wants to see the evidence collected against him, as does former teammate Jonathan Vilma, who was suspended for the entire season. Naturally, everyone suspended in the aftermath of this bounty program has denied involvement, but with years of supposed evidence piled against them, it’s hard to believe they’re innocent.

Fujita has explained that he paid players for big hits and good plays, but never for injuring an opponent. He continues to deny any involvement with the bounty program, which is why he wants to see this so-called evidence the league has collected on him.

Someone’s not telling the truth here. Who is it?

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