Browns President Mike Holmgren Vows to Be More Accessible This Season


Cleveland Browns president Mike Holmgren gave a press conference on Thursday and, aside from the typical democratic answers regarding quarterback competitions, where the team is heading, etc., Holmgren vowed to be more available to the media and fans this season.

It’s something he’s been asked a lot – maybe second only to why the Browns didn’t use their brown jerseys at all last season – so he’s planning on speaking to the media more often in 2012. Whether or not it’s him succumbing to the pressure of getting that question everywhere he goes is anybody’s guess, but it’s a good move nonetheless.

While Holmgren is right is saying the main voices of the franchise should be general manager Tom Heckert and head coach Pat Shurmur, even he can’t deny that the people of Cleveland want to hear him. Typically, no one would (or should) care much about the team president making himself so available to the media, but when you’re Mike Holmgren, that’s simply not an option.

It’s really quite unfair to Holmgren. Everyone has assumed that something fishy was going on for the past two seasons, that Holmgren somehow wasn’t dedicated to the job because he wasn’t available much to the media. However, if transparency is what every single person is demanding, then it’s in Holmgren’s best interest to play along.

Just don’t expect anything too ground-breaking in these future press conferences. Though, if it gets Browns fans to sleep easy at night, it’s the right decision.

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