Let Cleveland Browns WR Greg Little Live, Part II


Cleveland Browns wide receiver Greg Little is catching some serious heat from fans and the media this week (this was not intended to be a play on his pass-catching abilities, but if it was, it would be a pretty good dig). While people are obviously, and understandably, frustrated with his continued issues with drops, more people seem concerned with what he does after actually doing something good.

Little has adopted the pose made famous by sprinter Usain Bolt, striking it when he converts first downs, which, to this point, have been few and far between. That’s where the perceived problem exists.

"“I think,” Little said, “if we were 3-0 I think everybody would be doing the pose, but we’re 0-3 so everybody does not want to see that.” (Source: Fox Sports Ohio)"

Little plans on stopping the routine because of the negativity surrounding it. In other words, because the Browns are losing and the fans are suffering, so too should the players. The fact that this team is winless is not lost on the players, and they shouldn’t have to be zombies on the field. In fact, one would think that any display of enthusiasm would show that this young team still wants to show it has fight.

But no, the move has been deemed as unacceptable, simply because the Browns are losing. Sure, Little’s drops are inexcusable, but that hasn’t earned the constant berating he has received in the media for actually making a catch.

It was discussed here last week that Little – or any football player, really – deserves to have a little fun out there. After all, football is a game and while losing is never fun, a little celebration here and there doesn’t decrease the magnitude of the situation. But it might take a little bit of the pressure off of a player.

Of course, this could all go away if the Browns could just win. But until then, as always, let’s just let Greg Little live.

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