Browns LB Scott Fujita Takes Commissioner Roger Goodell to Task


On Tuesday, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell reduced Cleveland Browns linebacker Scott Fujita’s three-game suspension to one game, but not before saying it was “disappointing” that Fujita didn’t do something to put an end to the bounty program that was taking place in New Orleans.

Needless to say, Fujita was none too pleased. In his statement, Fujita went after Goodell, especially after it was admitted that the linebacker really had nothing to do with the bounty program in the first place.

"“His condescending tone was neither accurate nor productive,” Fujita wrote. “Additionally, I am now purportedly being suspended for failing to confront my former defensive coordinator for his inappropriate use of language. This seems like an extremely desperate attempt to punish me. I also think it sets a bad precedent when players can be disciplined for not challenging the behavior of their superiors. This is an absolute abuse of the power that’s been afforded to the commissioner.” (Source: CBS Sports)"

Goodell’s concession that Fujita didn’t have a role in the program makes this anger understandable. Fujita will certainly continue to appeal the decision, and with good reason.

Will this madness never end? Are you not entertained?

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