For Browns, It’s a Must-Win Game Against the Kansas City Chiefs


The 4-8 Cleveland Browns face the 2-10 Kansas City Chiefs today. It’s no battle of the titans, but there is some serious intrigue in this matchup.

For one, the Browns are looking to win three games in a row and continue to put a completely different spin on a season that seemed

hopeless not too long ago.

Secondly, this game is essentially the Return of Cleveland Browns Past. Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel, quarterback Brady Quinn, running back Peyton Hillis, and offensive coordinator Brian Daboll have all spent time in the Cleveland Browns organization, and they left either unceremoniously (Hillis) or without much of a peep after a world of hype (Quinn).

With the added bad blood between Hillis and left tackle Joe Thomas that surfaced this week, layers of interest continue to unfold.

But with the return of so many former players and coaches, and ones the organization deemed unfit to be in Cleveland, it’s imperative that the Browns win today.

It’s hard to fathom the ramifications of losing at home to the likes of Brady Quinn and Peyton Hillis. It would seem fitting for the Browns to be victimized by these former players, another cruel slap to the face in a long line of cruel, painful slaps to the face. If those players couldn’t win here, naturally they’ll come back for revenge and look good in the process.

But maybe these Browns are turning a corner, and it won’t  matter that every force in the universe is lining up to embarrass the team today.

There are countless reasons why those players and coaches are no longer in Cleveland – the Browns just need to remind everyone of that.

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