Browns RB Trent Richardson is Not Injury-Prone, Says Trent Richardson


Cleveland Browns running back Trent Richardson is currently sitting out the team’s OTAs with a right shin injury, which has caused many to officially label him as injury-prone.

Richardson wants to assure everybody, though, that he is not that kind of player. He told reporters on Thursday that there is really no need to worry at this point.

"“It’s not going to be like last year, being hurt and injured,” Richardson said. “Injury-prone is not going to be me. I just can’t wait to get back out and running.”"

It is, after all, the end of May and it’s better to be extremely cautious at this point. But the concerns are there and slightly warranted based on a small sample size. But Richardson does deserve the opportunity to try and play healthy this season before everyone begins the never-ending debate over whether a team should ever select a running back so high in the draft.