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Good Morning Browns Town!!!!

It’s Friday…..another day closer to game day and more importantly a day closer to putting this season in the books.

Apr 25, 2013; New York, NY, USA; A general view of the NFL shield logo and main stage before the 2013 NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall. Mandatory Credit: Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

How many more years can we put up with a less than mediocre product and continue to struggle through these 4-12 seasons?

Everyone that reads this column everyday knows how I feel about losing out and trying to secure a top three pick in the 2014 NFL draft.  Is it the right thing to hope for as a huge Browns fan? The answer is probably not, however is it right for us to continue to spend money every year on tickets, merchandise and the Sunday Ticket for those of you viewing from out of town on a perennial loser?

All we hear every year is how we are so close, minus the “Franchise” quarterback that is going to lead us to the promised land, yet somehow we can never secure that player.

Well for the first time in I don’t know how long, the Browns actually have a ton of pieces in place to actually compete for a playoff spot next year, if indeed, they are able to secure a top flight quarterback in the draft.  The problem is, they aren’t going to do that if they win one of the next two games and drop further down the draft board in a year when the very good underclassmen quarterback’s keep going back to school.

It’s do or die as they say, so here’s to hoping for an 0-2 finish to end the year.

Remember, you have to take two steps back, to take a giant leap forward…..

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Breakfast with Brownie

The 5th, 25th, and 36th pick in the NFL Draft

Breakfast with Brownie

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Browns offensive coordinator Norv Turner on the progress and role of tight end MarQueis Gray.  “MarQueis has improved a lot,” said Turner. “He’s probably going to get an opportunity to play a lot in this game based on where we are today. That could change back. But he, to me it’s a combination of things. Number one, he wasn’t in camp. Number two, he’s making a position change. That’s a very complicated thing.

“Usually guys that make a position change, it’s two or three years, particularly if you move from quarterback to another position, before they can really feel comfortable playing. I think he’s way ahead of that. I think he’s made great strides and I expect him to be a guy that’s got a real good future with our team, with our organization, because he does a lot of things well. I think because he hasn’t played as a receiver, whether a tight end or a move guy or a slot guy, he can improve real fast.”

Browns offensive coordinator Norv Turner on the poor performance by quarterback Jason Campbell against the Bears. “When you come off of a performance like the one Jason had in New England and you play at that level, you really don’t miss a throw and you make all of the plays, you feel like you did everything you could to help your team win,” said Turner. “Then when you come in Monday and look at the tape and you see the three or four plays that had a big impact on the game, the ball sailed on him, and that happens in the wind, but it sailed on him, that play to Josh (Gordon). Josh would have had a good chance of scoring on that play. It could have been a 55-yard touchdown at the end of the half. Instead, we punt and they go two minutes and score a touchdown. That’s a big swing in the game. I think you want that in your players. You want them to say, ‘Hey! Those are my plays to make and I can make them and I’m going to make them the next opportunity I have to do it.’ ”

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>Only in Cleveland could we have a shirt with this many quarterbacks listed on it.  Let’s hope the list ends with the next qb drafted in May.

>Wow..Kellen Winslow must have himself confused with the the Kellen Winslow of 2004!!!!!!

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