Due to Jimmy Graham Case, Jordan Cameron Changes Twitter Bio


Jimmy Graham lost his battle to be considered a wide receiver and not a tight end for his Franchise Tag. That loss cost Graham $5 million in leverage with his negotiations with the New Orleans Saints. One of the things used against him in his court battle was that he identified himself as a tight end on his Twitter bio. While a small thing, it could of made a difference in a ruling that went against him.

The Cleveland Browns have their own star tight end, Jordan Cameron, who also just happens to have a contract negotiation on going. Though his contract doesn’t run out till the end of the year, you can bet Cameron was watching what unfolded with Graham’s case. How do we know? Well shortly after the ruling Cameron changed his Twitter Bio from “Pro Bowl Tight End for the Browns” to “Pro Bowl pass catcher for the Browns.” Sports analyst Darren Rovell didn’t let it get past him”

Cameron’s response seems tongue in cheek as he realizes how small that issue should be. Yet for Browns fans it shows how difficult negotiations may be for them with Cameron. They have attempted to sign him to an extension but have been unable to do so. Cameron has signed a new agent which also causes problem in negotiations.

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For the Browns they have to have some concern related to Cameron’s breakout season, can he sustain it? Yet if they don’t sign him now will they regret it next summer and have to pay more if Cameron continues his ascent? For Cameron the question becomes security versus risk. Does he bet on himself and health and go through the season waiting for free agency or does he take a good deal put in front of him?

The Browns will most likely Franchise Tag Cameron if things don’t go well. They will have a number of possible free agents at the end of this season, including Phil Taylor, Jabaal Sheard and Brian Hoyer. The team will try to sign as many as possible before the end of the season giving them leverage to place the Franchise Tag on whatever player they haven’t signed yet.

What do you think of the Jimmy Graham case? Think he should be treated like a tight end or receiver in relation to the Franchise Tag?