Johnny Manziel Caught… Doing Something Good


Earlier this morning we covered the many faces of Johnny Manziel. We even made note that he can party one night and the next day be seen at a charity event taking pictures with kids. After this morning’s picture of him rolling money in a bathroom comes this tweet from his mentor, the QB Whisperer George Whitfield:

Now obviously this has some, alot, of PR sound to it. Whitfield and Manziel understand the importance of presenting positives in the social media. While Manziel says he won’t change, it is important that he makes sure to show all sides of himself. Allowing only the negatives out into the world changes the narrative.

Dan Gilbert, owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers, is a great example how narrative can impact the view of a person and team. His letter is the thing he is most known for, though players love playing for him, he has built great facilities and spares no expense on his team, the narrative of the letter haunts him. For Manziel he has to be careful that the narrative of his fun time doesn’t define him.

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The truth is that Manziel is highly involved in many things, including partying and having fun. He has had great access to many things through his families fortune and then his celebrity. His face, his name and his trademark “Money Manziel” sign all carry a great deal of power with them. His work with charities could greatly impact those charities as he lends his name and time.

Whitfield’s tweet is a little misleading as he notes Manziel “helping the kids” at Elite 11. Elite  11 is for the top players players in high school to improve their skills and learn from some of the best. The “kids” that Manziel is helping are most likely on their way to college in the next year or 2 on full scholarship. This is not one of the charities he supports. Yet it is important, especially after the Manning Passing Camp stories last year, to see Manziel there amongst both the future of the sport as well as some of the bright teachers in the sport.

These type of events can only improve Manziel’s knowledge as a passer as well as his ability to teach and lead. As a QB that is a key role that he will have, whenever he actually gets the starting job. Taking as many opportunities to be around football will also show how important it is to him.

Any thoughts on this PR picture?