Cleveland Browns Training Camp: Day 8


Following a shortened Family Day Scrimmage the Cleveland Browns Training Camp continued today on Day 8. Definitely a few things stood out to those in attendance and could be game changing for the Browns moving forward:

Johnny Manziel Gets Reps with the 1s

As Mike Pettine had said would happen today Johnny Manziel played with the first team. After practice Pettine said this was part of the plan and not related to the performance at the Scrimmage, will have some thoughts on that later today. Manziel struggled in practice today but showed well on the move. Not a surprise. Interestingly Brian Hoyer led the second team which included Josh Gordon for some of the day until receivers rotated then:

Hoyer on the other hand had an up and down day, with mostly ups:

Which led to my thought on Twitter:

Phil Taylor Returns

Taylor was back on the field for the first time since Browns Training Camp opened. Taylor had missed tons of time due to his hamstring. For Taylor getting in shape, knowing the defense and staying injury free could lead to a huge year and a big pay day. Taylor is reportedly going to be moved around by Pettine at both end positions, tackle in a 4 man front and nose in the 3 man. He will be huge for the Browns.

Jason Pinkston‘s “Return”

Pinkston was back on the field following a strange start to camp where Pinkston took to Twitter one day then the team and his agent released a statement together the next, he finally was at camp. Pinkston didn’t take part in any drills or any physical activity. His presence alleviates some concerns that there is a problem between he and the team. Pinkston was thought to have a chance to compete for a starting job before camp started. The Browns have picked up 2 injured offensive linemen in the last week and still are looking for the right combination. According to Pettine it doesn’t seem like Pinkston will be an option anytime soon:

The most important thing is his health but lets hope Pinkston can help the team out as the season goes on somehow.

Josh Gordon

Surprisingly Gordon was at camp today (our write-up opens in a new window). Gordon played with both the 1s and 2s but had to leave early to get inside to be back on for the 2nd part of his appeals hearing. He was completing that remotely and Pettine had no other comments. Expectations are all over the place regarding the final ruling on the Gordon case. The hope here is that it happens sooner then later.

Jordan Cameron

Cameron was hurt during the scrimmage. According to Pettine it is a sprained AC joint. Cameron, especially if Gordon is suspended, will be the focal point of the Browns passing attack. Keeping him healthy is important so the Browns held him out today:

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How do you feel about the Browns after the Scrimmage and Day 8?

Fun “What If” Though For the Day

A lot of the fun of sports is wondering what if. Whether it is looking forward or backwards we fans love to wonder what if certain things would happen. Here is our What If scenario for today: The Buffalo Bills, who didn’t look good in the HoF Game, are terrible and the Browns get a Top 2 or 3 pick. The Browns start Hoyer all season and are successful (make the playoffs or come close). The Browns Franchise Tag Hoyer. The Browns trade Manziel to Dallas for their 1st and 4th round picks. The Browns draft Marcus Mariota. Fun huh? Browns get Mariota to replace Manziel as the long term QB. The Browns get Dallas’ pick and still have their own first rounder to add talent to the already young/talented team. Just for fun, what do you think?