Browns Practice Injury Updates


The Cleveland Browns have returned to the field for Training Camp practice today following a day off after their Pre-Season opener Saturday night. While the Browns escaped with no major injuries, that doesn’t mean they left unscathed. The injury report coming out this morning is somewhat extensive.

Gordon on the field but not practicing is interesting. Haven’t seen any reports as to what type of injury he might have. With his tumultous off-season it is possible he had limited time to get/stay in great shape. That often causes issues with hamstrings and groins. Gilbert was held out of the Lions game and is still on the bike. The Browns will need him, and he will need time to learn and develop on the field, so the hope is that won’t last long. Gray seems to be under concussion protocol but the fact he is allowed on the field is a good sign:

A few players, most on the roster bubble, were not out at practice at all:

Veteran receiver Nate Burleson is also out of action today:

While not a great player could be a helpful veteran on a young receiving core. He could be on the roster bubble but given his experience he could be kept in favor of a player the Browns hope to sneak on the practice squad.

A more concerning player on a bike is Joe Thomas:

In case you think this is just a veteran’s day off:

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It isn’t all bad news on the injury front as a number of players returned to practice today:

That is a ton of players on and off with injuries. Lets hope many are just minor and they are getting an extra days rest, given the Browns next Pre-Season game isn’t until Monday, and not anything more serious. Coach Mike Pettine will update after practice which should give us any idea if a player has a serious injury.

Any of the injuries concern you more then the others?