Report: Browns Add Another Lineman, 2nd Today


The Cleveland Browns were just reported to have claimed an offensive lineman from the 49ers, Ryan Seymour. Now they are being linked to an Seahawks offensive lineman that was on the Browns practice squad last year, Caylin Hauptmann, according to With the First Picks Pete Smith:

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As Smith notes Hauptmann was with the Browns last season, as a part of their practice squad. The Seahawks picked him up early last season but didn’t appear in any games according to the NFL’s site. Hauptmann was among the last cuts for the Seahawks yesterday and the Browns pounced to bring him back. Ray Farmer was a part of the front office last year when he signed as an undrafted free agent and now as the FM has brought him back.

Hauptmann stands 6’3″ and 300 pounds as an offensive tackle. He can play both sides but is more likely a candidate for the right side of the line with the Browns. The 23 year old out of Florida International is still a little bit of a project but could play dividends for the Browns who want to run the ball, a lot, this season.

Here is’s Scouting Report on Hauptmann:

"STRENGTHSTough lineman with a thick overall build. Solid pass pro set, has good bend and lateral agility, and can widen and anchor to stay out of the quarterback’s way. Uses powerful arms to control ends trying to bull him off the edge, can reset quickly if his man tries to move him up top. Possesses foot quickness to reach linebackers, block down on five-techs and bounce out to cut off rushing linebackers. Will extend his arms and keep his feet moving to sustain blocks through the whistle to prevent backside pursuit or seal the end of the line. Not satisfied with catching targets, will attack them and stay on the block. Recovers well to hustle back to his man if missing a target at the second level or overextending in pass pro. Moves his feet to take three-techs out of the play on reach blocks. Sees blitzers coming off the edge, will come cut them off if the blocking scheme allows or let the quarterback know he needs to get the ball away fast.WEAKNESSESOnly average size and length for a tackle, lacks experience at guard at the major college level. Allows his man to get his hands into his chest too often instead of getting his own hands up to gain control. Aggressive style will lead him to overextend at times. Good, but not elite, agility in space, relies on hustle more than pure athleticism. Will need to prove his explosiveness and hand usage coming from a three-point stance, mostly standing up in FIU’s offense."

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