Josh Gordon Tweets but Who is “The Devil”?


Josh Gordon tweeted for only the 2nd time since his suspension was upheld. The first tweet was an Instagram photo with the French words “L’union Fait La Force” which translate “Strength through unity” or “Unity makes strength.” That was posted September 2nd. Today’s tweet seems much more interesting as the NFL and NFLPA continue their negotiations (New Window). Granted it may mean nothing but with his limited tweets lately and the rumblings of his suspension possibly getting lowered (New Window) the tweet could be meaningful:

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Josh Gordon is getting yet another chance, this time with the XFL
Josh Gordon is getting yet another chance, this time with the XFL /

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  • Is it possible that the devil is himself? In the context of the tweet it seems unlikely. Could it be marijuana, the substance he may or may not of used that got him in trouble? Also unlikely. It could just be a religious statement coming from a religious text or thought that Gordon had today. Or it could be related to his suspension.

    Many will point to the devil being Roger Goodell. That makes a ton of sense. Gordon feels like he has told the truth and that in these new negotiations Goodell is being shamed for the decision he made on Gordon. It is possible that Gordon believes, either himself or being told things, that there is a positive outcome in his future from these negotiations and that Goodell will be shamed into letting him go.

    Another possibility is related to the Players’ Association. Gordon, Wes Welker and others could be frustrated with the PA for the timing of the negotiations. It seems as though these negotiations could have taken place earlier in the off-season. If so it is possible that Gordon, Welker and others could have been given better outcomes. Could DeMaurice Smith be the devil in question?

    Again anything is possible with a vague tweet like that. The timing, his lack of tweets recently and the statement itself are bound to create discussion.

    Do you read anything into this tweet?