Drug Policy Calls Impacting Josh Gordon Scheduled For Today


The Josh Gordon saga could take another turn today as the NFLPA is scheduled to have a phone conference to discuss and possibly vote on the NFL’s new proposal. Gordon’s fate is said to be tied to that. We have two reports that discuss two different calls that will take place. Albert Breer, who has been all over the story from the start, is reporting tonight at 9PM:

Pro Football Talk, who has also done a good job of covering the drug policy progress, is reporting the meeting will happen today at 1:30PM:

"Although there is no agreement currently in place, talks have progressed to the point where the player representatives could vote on a proposal today. The call involving the NFLPA and player agents takes place at 1:30 p.m. ET today."

So the players’ agents will get information from the NFLPA today at 1:30 PM, while players are likely practicing, and get time to go over it. The agents will help the players decipher what is written in the proposal in time for the players to discuss and possibly make a decision tonight at 9PM.

Since, likely everything in big business, this is a negotiation we do not expect resolution tonight. Unless the NFL decides to give in to all of the players demands just to get HGH testing there is likely going to be some back and forth.

For the players they have to realize that they have a lot of power right now in the situation. With the debacle of the Ray Rice suspension the commisioner and the NFL have lost a ton of credibility. The NFLPA could use that in the drug policy negotiation to get some extra things they want.

That likely benefits Josh Gordon who could step back on the field sooner rather than later. I still don’t believe he will be on the field any earlier then Week 5 but anything is possible with this crazy off-season.

Will you be up with us later tonight when the decision comes down? DPD will have you covered.