Josh Gordon Makes a Sale & More Important Notes


Today could be Josh Gordon‘s day. Many expect that the NFL and NFLPA could agree to a new drug policy that could benefit Gordon, more on those important things later, and he made a sale at his new job. This picture is reportedly from Gordon’s first sale as a car salesman:

We cannot confirm the validity of such, as it could just be a fan photo at the car dealership, but it was an interesting enough to lead off this Gordon article that we wanted to share it. Both the guy buying the car and Gordon look like they are posing for a sad photo for some reason. Maybe Gordon couldn’t get his rate negotiated down, who knows. Other more important notes on Gordon is the status of the drug policy process. We covered earlier the two different phone calls (New Window) scheduled for today that could impact him. One at 1:30PM and one at 9PM tonight. We likely won’t know more until late tonight. However it looks like the NFL may have not even sent anything to the NFLPA yet as an official proposal:

The NFLPA, as well as the players’ agents, will want some time to go over and understand the proposal before the 9PM phone call. If the NFL slow plays things that could be a bad sign for negotiations. The PA wouldn’t have made plans for the phone call at 9PM if they didn’t believe they would have a proposal.

Another important factor has been noted related to Gordon. Tom Pelisssero is reporting that nothing will be specifically written in for Gordon, or Wes Welker, instead the PA wants any suspension since the start of the league year to be reviewed under the new policy:

This is a good thing for Gordon. Owners were reportedly upset that Gordon and Welker might get off from their suspensions. With the way Tom is presenting it the PA is looking for a policy that doesn’t single out players instead makes this league year the basic starting point for the new drug policy. Still up in the air will be the specific wording. If it is that the suspension was after the new league year Gordon will be included. If the test date is what is used than Gordon would likely not be included.

A big day for Gordon. His first and maybe last car sale depending on how tonight goes.

Would you buy a car specifically because Gordon was selling it?