Josh Gordon’s Return “Inevitable”?


It is possible that sometime today, heck sometime this hour, that news will come out that the NFL and NFLPA have a new drug agreement and that Josh Gordon will be reinstated. The Cleveland Browns would benefit greatly from that as the momentum from the second half of the Steelers game is met with Gordon’s return. The NFL would benefit as attention would be taken off the Ray Rice situation, at least for a few moments.

Yet while many talk about the possibility of Josh Gordon being reinstated, Tony Grossi went on record in stating that he will return:

"But his return is inevitable.And when Gordon is reinstated, if I were him, I would sue for total reimbursement of every game check missed — over $48,000 in his case."

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Josh Gordon is getting yet another chance, this time with the XFL
Josh Gordon is getting yet another chance, this time with the XFL /

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  • Grossi has been a Browns beat reporter for a long time. Many fans love Grossi and think highly of him, others not so much. He makes a well reasoned argument, one we have touched on a number of times, of signs that Gordon, and the Browns, “knew” he would be back. Gordon’s locker is still fully stocked, he didn’t go home to Houston, his lawyers didn’t sue and so on.

    Those things as signs that he will be inevitably reinstated though are very strong. We had a number of strong signs that he would not be suspended, or get a reduced suspension, in the days, weeks and months leading up to the announcement of his year long ban. Those signs were much stronger and still did not result in anything.

    It is very possible that Gordon will be reinstated today, or sometime soon, but stating it is inevitable is not the same as reporting it is factually going to happen. We covered the impact a return would have on the Browns this weekend (New Window), just in case.

    What odds do you place on Gordon returning?