NFLPA Vote Delayed Again But Josh Gordon Thinks He Will Play Sunday


The NFLPA vote that we all expected to happen last night during the 9PM conference call, did not. A vote today, the day before the start of games for this week, also looks like it will be delayed again, which could impact Josh Gordon:

A vote on Friday, which would likely be late in the evening since players have practice, could mean Gordon and others are not able to get ready for Sunday if they are in fact reinstated. Obviously the NFL has a lot on their plate right now. The owners have to deal with these negotiations as well as figure out what to do with Roger Goodell. For his part, Josh Gordon reportedly thinks he will be playing this Sunday against the Saints. That is according to a fan who visited Gordon at the car dealership he is working at.

Gordon looks very happy in the picture. Everything Gordon has done since he was suspended; not cleaning out his locker, not going back home to Houston and taking a job nearby, all are in line with the idea that he thinks he will be playing. Whether he said it exactly to the fan or not, that seems to be what he believes is going on.

His agents hopefully are plugged in to the process and have more information than the general public, or even reporters do. Gordon’s thought that he will be on the field Sunday could be false hope and could be crippled by the delay in the NFL getting new details to the NFLPA, therein delaying the vote.

What do you think of another delay and this fan’s report?