Johnny Manziel Likely to Play Today?


The Cleveland Browns open the improved First Energy Field today against the New Orleans Saints. The crowd will be loud, excited and ready to support their team. We expect a few surprises from an entertainment perspective to get the crowd going. Now comes reports that Johnny Manziel may be one of those surprises:

"Browns coordinator Kyle Shanahan short on personnel and the need to be proactive w/scheme will lead to Johnny Foootball seeing field some"

Obviously La Canfora is not saying that he has a source telling him this instead he is predicting it while reading the tea leaves of Browns offensive personnel. Interestingly former Browns CEO Joe Banner also believes that Manziel will debut today:

While many think of a package of Manziel plays being some type of Wildcat situation, Offensive Coordinator Kyle Shanahan has made it clear that Manziel would be playing quarterback:

Than again Shanahan also made it clear that Manziel wasn’t playing this week, which we covered here, so who knows what is true and what is misinformation. Anytime the opposing team has to wonder about who will be on the field and prepare for them, even just a little bit, gives the Browns offense an advantage.

Against the aggressive Rob Ryan led defense Manziel could take full advantage of his time on the field. However that same aggressive defense also tends to apply pressure and get to the QB, meaning Manziel’s time on the field could be short lived.

It will be interesting, if Manziel gets in the game, when and where that happens. The best case scenario is when the game is tied or if the Browns have the lead and the offense is work. Instead of bringing him in when Brian Hoyer isn’t playing well and creating controversy. Keeps Hoyer’s confidence up as well as puts the Saints on their heels a bit. It is possible that there is already an idea for an early appearance from the young rookie.

Do you want to see Manziel in the game today or would you rather have him sit and learn until he is fully ready?