Browns Vs. Ravens: Takeaways from 2nd Quarter of Similarities


The Cleveland Browns face off with the Baltimore Ravens. We will give you takeaways from each quarter. A huge game for both teams. A win for the Browns sends them into the Bye Week on a roll.

Here are our takeaways, both the obvious and then the less obvious, from the 2nd Quarter of Browns Vs. Ravens:

  • Browns inch close out of 1st and 30 but can’t make it and punt.
    • Running on 3rd and 3, after long pass from Brian Hoyer to Miles Austin, may have worked.
    • No one open and Hoyer has to scramble for a yard.
    • Punt goes into endzone, Browns only gain 25 yards.
  • Huge long run by Lorenzo Taliaferro puts the Ravens past the 50 yard line.
    • Donte Whitner saves a TD but backpedals instead of attacking the runner.
  • Run defense not holding the Ravens as Ravens run from the 20 to the 20 on their 1st second quarter drive.
    • Change in scheme may be necessary. Currently inviting Ravens to run.
  • Swing pass to fullback for a touchdown was wide open.
    • Ravens had run 9 straight times leading to the fullback being open.
  • Johnny Manziel gets one snap then trick play works huge with Manziel as a receiver.
    • Brilliant play call called back due to Terrance West not being set.
  • Offense stalls and has to punt.
    • When Manziel plays work they are great, when they don’t the offense struggles to find rhythm.
  • Dennis Pitta catches a well setup screen pass falls down without contact.
    • Pitta huge part of passing game. Momentum was all on Ravens side.
    • Pitta carted off the field after being strapped to a board. Not a great sign.
  • First play after injury, Steve Smith with a huge first down.
    • Pick play with Torrey Smith gives the Ravens a chance to score as half gets close to the end.
  • Pressure up the middle causes Joe Flacco to drop the ball running back.
  • Ravens forced to punt after short dump off on third down.
    • Like Dansby’s last week, Robertson’s pressure key to keeping points off the board.
  • Ravens 10 Browns 7

What are your thoughts going into halftime?