Jordan Cameron Expected to Play


The Cleveland Browns, and their fans, are getting set for one of the most important games in recent memory, not just for the team but for the league as a whole. Today the Browns will be the fan favorite all across the league, except for in Baltimore.

Given that, having Jordan Cameron on the field will help that swell of positive momentum continue into a victory. Report this morning is that Cameron is expected to play:

There is some concern that Cameron would be willing to put himself in position to possibly be injured more. The muscles, tendons and cartilage of the body need time to heal and discomfort is a sign that they have not done so.

Football players tend to play by different rules though. With the bye week next week Cameron could see that as his time to heal. Missing this week, along with last week and the bye might have guaranteed healing.

For a huge game fans, especially fantasy football fans, and Brian Hoyer will be glad to see Cameron back on the field. Expect the Ravens, a very physical, aggressive team, to try to put a few big hits on Cameron early to see how well his shoulder can hold up.

Hoyer targeted his tight ends six times last week. With Cameron in the game expect that number to go up and Andrew Hawkins targets to dip slightly. How Cameron’s shoulder holds up in blocking could be huge for Terrance West and Isaiah Crowell also. Could he only be in the game on obvious passing downs? Doubtful the Browns show their hand that way.