Ndamukong Suh An Unlikely Browns Free Agent Target


The Cleveland Browns are on a bye week while the Detroit Lions are getting ready to play a game. The two are only loosely connected today based on Browns fans wondering if their team will pursue Ndamukong Suh after Adam Schefter’s report this morning:

The Lions have a ton of money wrapped up in Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson which would make bringing Suh back on a big contract very difficult. The Browns on the other hand only have one very large contract, Joe Haden, and a seeming need for help on the defensive line.

Three reasons that Suh is an unlikely free agent target for the Browns:


Suh is reportedly looking for around $18 million or more per year in his new deal. That is a huge contract for any team. While for cap purposes that can be spread out so that at least for the first few years it doesn’t cost the cap that much, it catches up relatively quickly.

While the Browns have a ton of cap space next year they also have some decisions to make with current starters Jabaal Sheard, Jordan Cameron and Brian Hoyer. Other starting level players are also in line for new contracts as well. While Suh is a dominate player for his position, does Mike Pettine and Ray Farmer value him that much? Unlikely.

Position Switch

The exact position he would play for the Browns is also unsure. As a defensive tackle with the Lions he is responsible for getting most of the interior pressure on passing plays. In a 3-4, as a defensive end most likely, Suh would be more accountable to hold off blockers and command double teams a little farther outside of the center of the line.

Suh is very talented and Pettine is creative with how he deploys his defenders which would both help. Albert Haynesworth is a cautionary tale for both the team and the player of a big contract in a poor fitting system.

On Field Issues

While Pettine and Farmer like tough players they have also shown a desire for ones that are disciplined. Suh is tough, physical and nasty on the field while off the field he is a gentle person who presents highly intelligent and reserved. No concerns related to his off the field decision making.

On the field Suh is marked as a dirty player. While Suh believes this label is unfair, his numerous hits and kicks on QBs have caused him and his team numerous times. Here is a video of a few of those plays:

Some vicious, some just overly aggressive. Unfortunately for both Suh and the team he plays for he has been marked and those plays will lead to 15 yard penalties and sometimes him being ejected. Not a risk the Browns are likely to take given his contract demands as well.

Seeing Suh in the Orange and Brown next year, especially the updated uniforms we are expecting, would be fun and exciting. It is likely the Browns pass and another team trying to make a splash, similar to Washington with Haynesworth, will take on all the risk.

Would you want the Browns to sign him to a huge contract in the off-season?