Browns Vs Titans: Big Second Quarter Plays


The Cleveland Browns face off with the Tennessee Titans in a game matching up two teams that each only have one win. A big game for the Browns as they try to right their ship back to a .500 record while the Titans welcome back starter Jake Locker.

We will cover the Browns Vs Titans looking at big plays in each quarter as well as the possibly unseen decision/play/move that led to the big play.

In Case You Missed It: 1st Quarter

Continuing here with the Second Quarter:

  •  Browns seem to have hold on 3rd and 7.
  • Jake Locker scrambles for a touchdown.
    • No containment.
    • Christian Kirksey hit Jake Locker in the head after Locker scored. Scrum ensued.
  • Jordan Cameron with a big first down to calm the game down a bit.
    • Hoyer placed the ball only where Cameron could catch it but not get hit hard.
  • Browns use Terrance West to get to 50 yard line.
    • Browns went up tempo to get some momentum.
  • Andrew Hawkins with another first down reception.
    • Brian Hoyer‘s release perfect to get to Hawkins on the sideline.
  • On 3rd and 4 Hoyer hits Cameron in the flat for a one yard gain.
    • Hawkins missed a block that would have sprung Cameron.
  • Billy Cundiff makes 38 yard field goal.
    • Titans 14 – Browns 3
  • Browns force Titans to 3rd and 4 but Locker runs for a first.
    • Browns can’t get to Locker and Donte Whitner unable to make tackle at LOS.
    • Rinse. Repeat.
  • On Third and 10 the Titans get another first.
    • On a quick pass no one makes a tackle even though in position at the LOS.
  • On another 3rd down Buster Skrine hits Locker in the head. Automatic first down.
    • Two penalties on the play, including Joe Haden holding, gives the Titans a first down inside the redzone.
    • Locker looks like he hurt his wrist on the play and heads into locker room.
  • Charlie Whitehurst hits Kendall Wright for a touchdown.
    • Skrine beat on an inside out move. Haden doesn’t drop off coverage to cover the endzone.
    • Titans 21 – Browns 3
  • Browns fans everywhere feeling dejected.
    • Some holding out hopes of a repeat of the Steelers game.
  • Brian Hoyer misses Andrew Hawkins over the middle on what would be a big play.
    • Hoyer failed to lead Hawkins where he would have had a chance to run.
  • 1st play and Whitehurst hits Justin Hunter for a 75 yard touchdown.
    • Skrine beat again, not even close.
    • Titans 28 – Browns – 3
    • How can Whitehurst throw 2 TDs against the Browns?
  • Long pass to Miles Austin gets Browns into Titans territory.
    • Only place Hoyer could put the ball but a great catch by Austin.
  • Ben Tate with a couple runs getting it down to the 1 yard line.
    • Kyle Shanahan broke tendency with the clock running down on a draw.
  • Hoyer hits Jim Dray for a touchdown with 12 seconds left.
    • Great play action by Hoyer gets coverage sucked up.
    • Titans 28 – Browns 10
    • Browns get the ball after halftime.
    • Steelers game redux?

Which play had the biggest impact on this quarter to you?