Browns Nationally: Is Everyone a Fan?


The Cleveland Browns took care of the Pittsburgh Steelers quite handily yesterday. The Browns are the talk of the NFL, along with the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys, with their big win and 3 – 2 record.

With that something interesting is occurring nationally: Everyone seems like they are a fan of the team.

Not just “likes the team and thinks they are a good story or can make the playoffs” but genuinely seemingly cheering for the Browns.

Literally here in this video the guys at Bleacher Report are clapping about the Browns:

Peter King, in his Monday Morning Quarterback post, spent a good portion of his time on the Browns as well:

"But the top of the Week 6 column belongs to the Cleveland Browns.The contending, competent, fun, just-might-be-for-real Cleveland Browns.Not to say this 3-2 start signals anything permanent, or that Brian Hoyer is Kurt Warner reincarnated. But it’s going to take some getting used to, the Browns looking like a respectable NFL franchise."

In total King’s article has the word Browns 30 times, including in his Fine Fifteen where he has the team ranked:

"12. Cleveland (3-2). Lots of reasons to like the Browns right now. Quarterback playing well, never out of games, good running game, and a total buy-in to a good coaching staff. They are not going away."

So it begs the question: Is Everyone a Browns fan?

The Browns have been so down trodden for years that at this point that have very few enemies. Even AFC North foes in Cincinnati, Baltimore and Pittsburgh struggle to have the kind of anger and hate that is generally obvious within the division.

Instead the Browns are that feel good story of a team overcoming their terrible past to make something of themselves. Media, both locally and nationally, seem to have grown tired of the negative narrative that has plague coverage of the team for decades. It seemed like throwing salt on a wound.

Other fan bases, especially for those who have been struggling, also seem to have a “Good for them” feeling about the team. It seems, except for fans of the teams we play, most will be rooting for the Browns to make this season magical.

It is nice to be on this side of sports for once. With the hard charging Browns joining the soon to be amazing Cleveland Cavaliers #TheLand is working towards being the feel good sports capital of the world. The Cleveland Indians gave fans something to cheer about and have a young, solid rotation to build toward the future.

When the Browns faced the Baltimore Ravens we made a statement, that Michelle Beadle also tweeted, “Today We Are All Browns Fans!”

Now it seems that nationally We Are All Browns Fans and man does it feel good.

How do you feel about all the love being shown towards the Browns?