Browns Vs Jaguars: 2nd Quarter Big Plays & Summary


The Cleveland Browns are taking on the Jacksonville Jaguars in a game where they are favored and getting a ton of national love. We will cover the game quarter by quarter and then give some coverage afterwards when we know the results.

Follow Along: 1st Quarter

Here are the Big Plays, and some of the underlying things leading to them, for the 2nd Quarter of Browns Vs Jaguars:

  •  Browns again hold as Jags again forcing a punt.
    • Joe Haden doesn’t bite on double move and not called for touching Marqise Lee in route.
    • Both offenses do not look like they will be able to put together high play, long drives today.
  • Browns go 3 and out on offense, can’t get anything going.
    • Jags interior line dominating both run game and getting hands up knocking down two Brian Hoyer passes so far.
    • Hoyer is not looking off his primary receiver all day long.
  • Jags finally make a third down conversion and get across mid-field.
    • Browns get a big stop forcing a punt after the first down.
    • Great blitz plan as Jim Leonhard then Justin Gilbert come from defensive left to get a big hit on Bortles on 3rd and 8.
  • Ben Tate with a big 18 yard first down run on 2nd play of the drive.
  • Browns finally convert a third down on a long pass play to Hawkins.
    • Great release at top of route huge to create separation.
  • Hoyer misses wide open Jordan Cameron in theendzone on third down.
    • Hoyer trying to place ball instead of just throw it leads to huge overthrow.
    • Field Goal is good.
    • Browns 6 – Jags 0
  • Tashaun Gipson with a 2nd INT.
    • Confusion at the line of scrimmage huge to cause INT.
    • Browns ball near the 35 yard line. Browns have chance to score before half.
    • Jaguars get ball back after halftime.
  • Terrance West run leads to 3rd and 1.
    • West, instead of running north and south, danced around. Could have had a long run.
  • Browns fail to score after great field position.
    • West can’t get it on 3rd and 1.
    • Play action to Jordan Cameron falls incomplete.
  • Jaguars with a quick four play drive leads to a TD.
  • End of the half.


The Browns offense continues to struggle and many will look at the decision to go for it on 4th down. The decision was solid, using Terrance West at all this game has not been positive for the Browns. The Jags had very little offensive success until they got into the 2 minute offense. A missed Skrine tackle led to the only touchdown of the game.

What Big Plays do you think were important this quarter?