NFL Trade Deadline: Browns Targets Via CBS Sports


Today is the NFL Trade Deadline. Last night’s Monday Night Football game, and Tony Romo‘s injury, sparked conversation about possibly moving Johnny Manziel to the Dallas Cowboys. Romo returned squashing the small chance that it was even possible, though we got a good idea of fans value of Manziel.

The NFL Trade Deadline is generally very quiet. There are plenty of reasons for that including how trades impact the salary cap, value of draft picks and few teams ready to sell at this point among them. Yet movement is possible.

Including with the Cleveland Browns where GM Ray Farmer has shown a willingness to roll the dice and churn the roster, both in trades during the draft as well as free agent acquisitions. It is not out of the realm of possibility that he could make a move today. Unlikely but possible.

One key thing to remember is that any cap space spent this year by the Browns will impact how much they can rollover. So while they have the space they also have pending free agents in Brian Hoyer, Tashaun Gipson, Jordan Cameron, Jabaal Sheard and others to worry about.

CBS Sports’ Jason LaCanforna presents quite a few options of trades he would like to see made, with the Browns involved in a few. Let us take a look at each:

Vincent Jackson

"I know they want a second for him but I’d settle for a third. How about the Browns? They have plenty of cap space and imagine if they added Jackson and then get Josh Gordon back from suspension in a few weeks? They’d actually have some legit targets for Brian Hoyer to hit on the outside."

Jackson would be an interesting piece. The Browns passing game has made due with a bunch of smaller receivers. Gordon returns in a few weeks to remedy that problem but Jackson would be a partner on the other side of the field. The Browns have piled picks, including extra first, fourth and sixth round picks next year. Could Jackson fit in Kyle Shanahan’s precise route running system? Would Hoyer be able to get the ball down field to him? Would he, Gordon, Cameron and the rest of the receivers get frustrated with limited touches?

If Gordon wasn’t returning this trade would be more likely. As it is Jackson is possibly going to be moved but his age and high cap hit make it far more difficult. The draft pick needed to get him is far less of a concern for the Browns organization but still has to be weighed. Gordon, Jackson, Hawkins and Cameron on the field at the same time would be an amazing upgrade.

Sebastion Janikowski

"But the guy who might have real value is Sebastian Janikowski. He doesn’t have the leg he once did, but if I am the Browns or the Saints, for instance, or the Bengals, I’d be intrigued. All his guaranteed money is paid, he makes $2.7M this season and if a team wants to pay him $3M a year in the future, so be it. Or he could be cut."

Just going in order on his list with Janikowski here. The kicker makes sense for the Bengals and Saints but the Browns should be pretty happy with Billy Cundiff. He hasn’t had the perfect season but he hasn’t been a problem. He knows how to kick in AFC North stadiums from his time with Baltimore and already understands the winds in Cleveland. No need to replace him. Especially trading an asset and cap space for the Raiders long time star kicker.

Devin Hester

"Devin Hester, however, would undoubtedly have demand, and with a $1M base salary and $2.5M next season, he could be more than a rental for a contending team. Can change a game in an instant with a kick or punt return. Well worth shopping."

Not a player that LaCanforna lists as a target for Cleveland but a player I would willingly give up an asset to acquire. Hester would answer the Browns punt return problems immediately. If he did nothing else he would be worth a 4th or 5th round pick immediately for the Browns. He doesn’t have a huge cap number and could be kept on for next season. His history in Chicago means he understands winds and playing in the cold. Sign me up for this trade right now.

Pierre Garcon

"I’d see if Cleveland or Seattle or San Francisco or New England or Kansas City or whomever had an interest in Pierre Garcon. He has a $7.1M base, and his guarantees are paid, making it a team-friendly pay-as-you-go situation ($7.1M base salaries each of the next two years)."

Garcon is a player the Browns had interest in when he was a free agent. Different front office now but he has history of success in the Kyle Shanahan system and fits along side the rest of the Browns receivers. He is fast, runs good routes and is highly competitive. His contract is big, which could cause for pause, but he also provides long term insurance for Gordon’s issues.

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The Redskins have DeSean Jackson and Andre Roberts, as well as Jordan Reed at tight end. They have a bunch of holes elsewhere on their team. Getting a mid round pick for a talented but expensive 2nd or 3rd receiver makes a ton of sense for them. The Browns swallow some cap space and give up a pick but get a player who can come in right now and play in the system and can play for years to come.


The chances of a trade are slim but there are a few players, most notably receivers, that could fit for the Browns. In order I would do a deal for Hester, Garcon and then Jackson, only if the price was a 4th on the last one. What would be more interesting is whether the Browns can find some reinforcements on the offensive and defensive lines. Those are two spots that teams rarely give up on players but we have seen it done. Fans will be most excited if a receiver is brought in. The team might be most improved if a lineman is brought in.

Who do you want to see the Browns acquire at the NFL Trade Deadline?