Jordan Cameron: Questionable, Frustrated and Important


Jordan Cameron hasn’t played since getting hurt against the Oakland Raiders on October 26th. The Cleveland Browns offense has had some struggles since he has gone out but even as Cameron has practiced some the last few weeks he still isn’t cleared to play. He is officially questionable:

While questionable could seem like a positive step, Cameron’s presentation lead one writer to note that he thinks Cameron will be out again this week:

As a professional athlete it makes sense that Cameron is frustrated. He is a football player that can’t play football. But, unlike strains and pulls, there is nothing he can do to get on the field quicker or to rehab his injury. He just has to wait, and wait, and wait. The next step is meeting with a neurologist, which according to one report was suppose to happen yesterday:

We haven’t heard word yet, but it is possible that we will sometime today.

For the season Cameron only has 13 receptions for 250 yards and one touchdown. He struggled with other injuries this season prior to his concussion, the time off should help those. Cameron was expected to continue to develop after his breakout season last year. He had 80 catches for 917 yards and 7 TDs in a Pro Bowl season. This year many Browns fans wondered if the team would have to put the Franchise Tag on him to keep him around. At this point it is more likely that Cameron is forced to a take a one year deal, much like Jeremy Maclin did with the Eagles, to prove he is and can stay healthy.

That has to add to his frustrations. Not only was he making a name for himself but he was about to cash in. His 4 year contract as a 4th round pick paid him great money, compared to the real world, but peanuts compared to the production he put on the field. For the past couple weeks all that has stood between him and possibly putting a lot more money back in the bank has been a neurologist. There is nothing he can do to secure his future.

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For the Browns Cameron would be very important this week. Gary Barnidge is out with a rib injury leaving only Jim Dray as a capable receiving tight end. Against the Indianapolis Colts, and their vaunted offense that we profiled here, the Browns will need every offensive weapon they have. The Colts will be without Vontae Davis, their top cover corner is out Sunday, which means they will likely put double coverage on Josh Gordon most of the game.

A doubled Gordon could give Cameron a chance to show what the Browns have been missing for all these weeks. And if Cameron starts to get rolling it opens things back up for Gordon, Andrew Hawkins, Taylor Gabriel and the rest of the Browns receiving corp. That is how important Cameron is for the Browns.

He also provides quality in line blocking at the tight end position and a big target in the redzone. With Cameron on the field the Browns feel comfortable running the ball, believing he will hold his block, which also allows them to run play action passing out of the same formation. The Browns can also put Gordon out wide on one side and Cameron on the other, giving Brian Hoyer multiple fade, back shoulder and quick route options in the redzone. Cameron’s size and ability to box defenders out, thanks basketball, would help the Browns not settle for field goals.

For now Cameron, the Browns and their fans all are frustrated. All are waiting. All are hopeful. With Miles Austin out and a high powered offense coming into town the return of Jordan Cameron is very important for the Browns. He is questionable, and frustrated, right now. Soon we should know the final answer, let us all hope it is good.

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How important is Jordan Cameron to tomorrow’s game?