Browns Vs Colts: 4th Quarter Play Analysis


The Cleveland Browns take on the Indianapolis Colts today in a must win kind of game for the home team. The Browns face off with the great Andrew Luck led Colts offense and hope to take advantage of the D’Qwell Jackson led Colts defense.

Here are our quarter by quarter takeaways for Browns Vs Colts:

1st quarter     2nd quarter     3rd Quarter

Big Plays

  • Browns defense holds forcing a field goal attempt.
    • Big knock down by Buster Skrine.
    • Field goal is good.
    • Browns 21 Colts 19
  • Browns go 3 and out.
  • As Colts get moving on their next drive, a poor throw by Luck is tipped and picked off by Jim Leonhard.
    • Leonhard runs it back to the 23 yard line.
    • Browns offense needs to get a TD here.
  • Browns can’t move the ball at all.
    • Play calling showing no creativity.
    • Field Goal Attempt, 39 yards, is Good!
    • Browns 24 Colts 19
  • After a big pickup to T.Y. Hilton the Browns shutdown the Colts offense forcing a punt.
    • Leonhard sacks Luck on 3rd down.
    • Browns ball with 6:43 left.
  • Josh Gordon with an amazing catch on 3rd down to keep the drive going.
    • Play is challenged by the Colts.
    • Play reversed. 4th down.
    • Browns forced to punt.
    • Play calling very conservative on that drive. Playing not to lose.
    • Punt downed at the 9 yard line with 3:46 left in the game.
  • First play Barkevious Mingo sacks Andrew Luck.
    • Colts at the 6 yard line. Backed up very deep.
  • On 3rd and 7, Luck hits Donte Moncrief on a deep out while getting hit.
    • Moncrief makes a great play to pull in the ball.
    • Next play Buster Skrine flagged for pass interference and Colts already near the redzone.
  • 2 minute warning
    • Colts ball on the 25 yard line.
    • Browns up 24 – 19
  • On 3rd and long Luck hits Coby Fleener over the middle.
    • Browns blitzed but Whitner couldn’t get up in coverage quick enough.
  • Browns stop Boom Herron on 3rd and short.
    • Colts to go for it if call stays.
    • Colts call a timeout, possible replay reviews the spot.
    • 44 seconds left. Colts ball at the 3 yard line.
    • Spot stands
    • 4th and inches
  • Browns bottled up the Colts and should have stopped him but Boom Herron spin move got the first.
    • Donte Whitner so close to stopping Herron but couldn’t get him down.
  • Luck hits Hilton as Colts run pick play and perfect throw by Luck.
    • Browns defense exhausted.
    • Colts go for 2 point conversion.
    • Pass incomplete
    • Colts 25 Browns 24
    • 32 seconds left.
  • Terrible kick return by Travis Benjamin.
    • Browns ball at the 13 yard line.
    • 28 seconds left.
  • Brian Hoyer puts pass out there for Josh Gordon. Gordon drops a tough catch deep.
    • Gordon lays on the sideline costing the Browns a timeout.
  • Deep pass to Benjamin is intercepted as Hoyer tries to get into field goal range.
    • Hoyer had to force a throw but that didn’t work out and not having Gordon in there was a problem.

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The end of the Brian Hoyer era most likely. Devastating loss for the Browns. Johnny Manziel likely to start next week. Under 100 yards in the 2nd half is not good enough. Defense was amazing and the Colts made just enough plays to win the game. Lots of second guessing this week about Hoyer staying in the game through the 4th quarter.

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What important takeaways did you have for Browns Vs Colts?