Johnny Manziel Third Quarter Play Analysis


Normally here at Dawg Pound Daily we give you analysis of big play quarterly as well as summaries for each quarter. We hope it is helpful for those who can’t watch the game and for those processing the game during and after.

Today we switch it up a bit and instead will be analyzing Johnny Manziel. In particular we are going to focus on his decision making and his throws. We will be looking at how he goes through his progressions, decisions in Zone Read situations, accuracy on his throws and how/when he makes the decision to pull the ball down and run.

Quarterly Analysis

1st Quarter    2nd Quarter

  • Miscommunication on Zone Read leads to a loss of 1.
  • On 3rd down Manziel holds ball and gets sacked.
    • Manziel holds ball far to long.
    • Either wanted ball to go deep or was scared of making another poor choice.
    • Browns punt again.
  • Second possession starts inside the Browns 20 with over 10 minutes left in the quarter.
  • Play action pass rolls Manziel out to the right.
    • Keeps play alive but doesn’t force anything.
    • Pass to Gordon is fine, either caught by receiver or out of bounds.
  • Next play the offensive line is destroyed and Manziel is sacked.
    • That one is not on Manziel. Barely got out of his play fake.
  • 3rd and 19.
    • Browns setup the screen with a fake to Josh Gordon.
    • Manziel had to throw high to get over lineman, height an issue.
    • Fine decision/throw.
    • Short gain, punt again.
  • Reports are that Brian Hoyer is warming up on the sidelines. If he comes in we will continue the analysis but look at Hoyer’s play.
  • Manziel still in there.
  • Manziel gets out of the pocket before throwing an INT.
    • No one was open and Manziel throws it away.
    • Good decision.
  • From the pocket Manziel hits Josh Gordon on a comeback.
    • Good decision.
    • Great throw.
    • 32 yard gain.
  • Manziel pulls down throw instead of letting it go.
    • Receiver seemed opened from TV view, but not decisive.
    • Took off and ran for a good gain.
  • Manziel sacked again.
    • Had time to throw.
    • Good job not trying to force something.
    • Didn’t feel the pressure coming.

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Manziel looked better this quarter but that is not saying much. He continues to struggle with very few receivers getting open for him. The offensive play calling has been limited to say the least. It seems that Kyle Shanahan was unwilling to open up the playbook much today.

Manziel Grade

C- At this point the game is out of hand but Manziel hasn’t been able to make many plays either with his feet or with his arm. Hopefully a great learning situation for him.

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