2015 NFL Draft Positions: Games Impacting Browns


The 2015 NFL Draft positions are still a bit up in the air. Again we won’t focus to deeply on the possible Strength of Schedule piece of the puzzle but we want to take a look at the games that could impact the Browns and their 2015 NFL Draft spots. Based on current information, the best the Browns can draft with their pick is 9th overall while the worst is 18th. With their Bills pick the Browns could draft as high as 14 and as low as 20th, the lowest non-playoff pick.

So lets get to the games that impact the 2015 NFL Draft Positions:

Cleveland Selection

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  • Browns Vs Ravens

    Rooting for: The Browns to lose, we never root for the Ravens to win.

    The Browns have nothing to play for and the Ravens have a shot at a Playoff berth. This one would be simple just given that information but add to that the Browns have a rookie, undrafted free agent quarterback in Connor Shaw and just suspended their most talented, I won’t say best anymore, offensive weapon.

    Likely Outcome and %: The Browns losing is for sure the likely outcome with a high probability, lets say 85%.

    Bears Vs Vikings

    Rooting for: Vikings to win

    The Vikings are favorites against the hapless Bears team. They are playing at home and have come on as of late, going 4 – 4 in their last 8. The Bears are dealing with the likelihood that their entire front office and coaching staff will be gone while the Vikings are learning to win very quickly with a young team. A win and a Browns loss would tie the Vikings and Browns at 7 – 9. Currently the Browns have a .468 SOS while the Vikings have a .481. The Browns play a better record team in the Ravens while the Vikings opponent would end up with only 5 wins. Could bring those two numbers very close together.

    Likely Outcome and %: The Vikings are favorites and seem to have more to play for at home. Probability = 70%

    Giants Vs Eagles

    Rooting for: Giants to win

    The Giants also sit at 6 – 9, with a .513 SOS, going up against the 9 – 6 Eagles who are eliminated from the playoffs already. The Eagles have little to play for but are far more talented of a team. The Giants are home favorites given the two team’s situations. Chip Kelly may rest some players while that is not in Tom Coughlin’s nature. Expect a close game early with a possibility of a blowout late.

    Likely Outcome and %: Just based on talent the Eagles should win but the circumstances make this one a toss up. Probability = 50%

    Saints Vs Bucs

    Rooting for: Saints to win

    The 6 – 9 Saints have been a disappointment this year, including a loss to the Browns. Now they face the two win Bucs in a meaningless game for both teams. The Bucs have been a rudderless ship all season but are playing at home against a Saints team who could face turmoil in the off-season. The Saints are favored by 4 and have more talent but anything goes here. The Saints SOS will dip with a win and they currently sit at .483. A win and a Browns loss could create a similar situation as with the Browns and Vikings.

    Likely Outcome and %: The Saints are likely to win but not with a high probability. Probability: 60%

    Rams Vs Seahawks

    Rooting for: Rams to win

    The also 6 – 9 Rams go on the road to the hostile crowd in Seattle to take on the playoff bound Seahawks. The Seahawks are still playing for the #1 seed as well as a first round bye. Expect them to give it their all in this game. The Rams have been a tough team to play this year but have little to fight for at this point. The Rams .531 SOS means a win and they fall down quite a few spots, including below a losing Browns team.

    Likely Outcome and %: Seattle is very likely to win this game. Probability: 75 %

    Bills Selection

    Bills Vs Patriots

    Rooting for: Patriots to win

    The 8 – 7 Bills only have a few spots they can rise in the draft order but they can fall quite a few. A loss really helps eliminate that issue. Their are 5 other teams that could end up with 5 wins. The Bills have a strong SOS at .523 which pushes them down even farther. The Pats are likely to rest many of their starters as they have already wrapped up home field advantage throughout the playoffs. Expect the Bills to play with pride as well. New England is favored by about 6 points at home even given the situation.

    Likely Outcome and %: A Patriots win would not be surprising but it won’t be as easy with many players expected to rest. Probability: 60%

    Texans Vs Jaguars

    Rooting for: Texans to win

    The Texans still have a shot, even though it is an outside one, of making the playoffs and will be full go against the lowly Jaguars. The Texans are 8 – 7, tied with the Bills but have a much lower SOS, .446, so winning, and a Bills loss, gives some separation.

    Likely Outcome and %: Feeling very strong about this one for the Texans. Probability = 85%

    Chiefs Vs Chargers

    Rooting for: Chiefs to win

    The Chiefs have 8 wins while the Chargers have 9, not a difficult one to figure out who we are rooting for. Even if the Bills win this outcome still benefits them as tiebreakers would still rely on SOS. The Chiefs SOS of .521 is close to the Bills .523 while the Chargers a little lower at .513. A Chiefs win and a Bills loss and none of that will matter. Both the Chiefs and Chargers need this game to get into the playoffs, the Chiefs will need more help with their win. We expected a good game until Alex Smith was ruled out this week, Chase Daniels doesn’t promote confidence.

    Likely Outcome and %: Chargers are only favored by 1 point on the road against the Daniels’ led Chiefs. That seems low. Probability = 65%

    Dolphins Vs Jets

    Rooting for: Dolphins to win

    Another 8 win team we are rooting for to beat a lowly team, this time the 3 win Jets. The Dolphins have been eliminated but are playing against a team whose coach has already cleaned out his office, reportedly. Neither team has much to play for and the Dolphins are the more talented bunch. Their .510 SOS means the Browns need them to win and the Bills to lose for the Bills pick to come in over the Dolphins.

    Likely Outcome and %: The Dolphins are a 6 point favorite at home and should win this game easily. Probability = 85%

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    49ers Vs Cardinals

    Rooting for: Niners to win

    The 49ers have been a disappointment and have nothing to play for, yet they will be the eye of the NFL following the game. Jim Harbaugh, according to reports, is going to Michigan right after the game. How will his players play for him in perhaps his last go round? The Cardinals on the other hand are trying to figure out what they have in Ryan Lindley while still having an outside shot at home-field advantage and a bye. The Niners strong SOS, .536, will only get stronger after this game and paired with a win and a Bills loss would give the Bills their only chance at the 14th pick.

    Likely Outcome and %: The Niners are favored by almost a touchdown at home. Weird line and a game that could go either way but the Cardinals have the most to play for so we expect them to win. Probability = 55%

    The good news for the Cleveland Browns is that most of the games they have rooting interest in seem to favor the outcome they want. Picking 9th and 14th is significantly better, and gives them far more options in trades (up or down) than selecting 18th and 20th. They still will be the only team with 2 first round picks going into the draft and will benefit quite a bit from those picks. Here is to hoping for the 9th and 14th selections to really strength this young developing roster.

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    Will you be watching and rooting for these games today or just wait to find out the outcome and 2015 NFL Draft Positions?

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