Report: Browns Coaches Want Brian Hoyer Back Next Year


At this point, particularly after the last few weeks, nothing is surprising with the Cleveland Browns. That includes a new report that the Browns coaching staff wants Brian Hoyer back next year. A big thanks to our friend David Zavac, who is the editor for Fear the Sword but also a big Browns fan, for the information:

Obviously Hoyer struggled badly in the second half of the season. This coincided with Alex Mack‘s injury and later Josh Gordon‘s return. There is no defending many of his bad throws or bad decisions but things seemed out of whack after the Mack injury and only got worse with Gordon returning.

Hoyer is very limited at the position but provides a form of veteran leadership and decent decision making, at least off the field, that allows the coaching staff to trust him. On the field could the return of Mack plus adding another receiver and right tackle via free agency and/or draft put him in a better position to succeed?

The Johnny Manziel situation leaves the Browns front office and ownership in a difficult situation. If the coaching staff doesn’t believe in Manziel does Ray Farmer and/or Jimmy Haslam force him on them by not re-signing Hoyer or acquiring another QB that could start?

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Haslam’s thoughts on Manziel also become important. What if Farmer and Pettine are on the same page about Hoyer/Manziel but Haslam wants Manziel to start and see what happens? Could Haslam clean house again?

How much information Sal Palantonio actually has from inside the Browns organization is another question. The Browns have tended to only let out information that they have wanted out. Could this be part of that information? Could Hoyer’s agents be stirring the pot a bit for their client?

One thing we know to be clear: The Browns are in disarray right now and need to get things moving in the right direction, and fast.

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How much stock do you put in this report coming from Sal Palantonio? How would you feel about Brian Hoyer returning next year?

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