Johnny Manziel Denies Party, Calls Self Jackass


Cleveland Browns fans are used to this. Things never seem to go quietly for them or their team. The Johnny Manziel stories from yesterday are being refuted, by Johnny Manziel. He stated today that he didn’t throw a party Friday night:

Not only that but he also said he wasn’t with Josh Gordon that night, just earlier in the day:

So now Gordon has an excuse and Manziel just overslept, no big deal. Except we have reports to the contrary, including teammates upset with him having the party. Manziel didn’t let himself totally off the hook, saying he has acted like a jackass:

Well at least he is using a similar description as many Browns fans have felt about him but does he understand how important his work ethic and effort is? He says he does:

What did he major in at Texas A&M before coming out early? Partying?

At least Manziel is saying the right thing. Except Johnny Manziel has always been very good as saying the right thing. He is politician like in his ability to present what he wants to present in public while privately doing whatever he pleases.

He is right in his statement. He either has to learn and figure it out or he will be looking for another job (Tim Tebow need a sidekick on the SEC Network?). It really is up to him. He has enough physical talent to be successful in the NFL, he just has to figure it out off the field, especially the mental and effort preparation required to be an NFL quarterback.

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From Jimmy Haslam’s comments yesterday it seems Manziel will get another chance with the Browns. Can’t see him getting much more than that if the same problems continue this off-season and into next year. Manziel must be Brian Hoyer like in his preparation to win over this coaching staff/regime.

It creates a unique situation for the Browns. They thought Manziel was their future. Hoyer wasn’t good enough once Alex Mack went down and worse when Josh Gordon returned. Their picks aren’t high enough for one of the 2 stud QBs and their isn’t a stud QB available in free agency.

Looks like Johnny Manziel will get another shot just based on those factors.

What do you believe from Johnny Manziel today? Did he have a party or not? Will he prepare or not?

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