Josh Gordon Joins Teammates on Flight; Vegas?


Josh Gordon may have been suspended by the Cleveland Browns but it doesn’t seem to have impacted the relationship he has with his teammates. Gordon joined a number of teammates including Joe Haden, Travis Benjamin and Taylor Gabriel for a flight according to this Instagram photo on Benjamin’s account:

It looks like a fun end of the year party, the kind of party that makes sense when the season is done. Most of the guys look excited to go and to spend time together, the inclusion of Gordon is all the more indication that the players on the team are close with him and want him involved. It also shows that he is truly engaged with his teammates. On his own Instagram account he posted a video that is likely to get some negative feedback after the way this season went:

We didn’t see the Johnny Manziel “Money Phone,” nor did we see Manziel at all in any of the videos or pictures, but we now have the Josh Gordon “Touchdown Wit a (Money) Brick.”

Many will note that Gordon’s financial future is more of a gamble then “Put it all on black” as his NFL future is very much in the air. The Cleveland Browns have control over him as a restricted free agent after next season, pending a grievance/appeal by the wideout. The Browns could choose to cut Gordon during this off-season, and Ray Farmer and Mike Pettine haven’t shown keen interest in players like Gordon with their continued mistakes.

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If Gordon is cut he likely finds a home quickly with an incentive laden deal. If he is with the Browns next year that will be his chance to at least try to drive up his price in restricted free agency.

As for the plane ride, which seems to be headed to Las Vegas, we are all for team oriented activities that don’t get in the way of play on the field. The reported Manziel party would have been a good idea, had it come after the season.

The players are adults and are responsible for themselves. After a physically and emotionally demanding season blowing off steam is a fine thing to do. Hopefully Gordon and others can stay away from the negative trappings of drugs, even as simple as Adderall to stay awake to gamble longer. Besides that we hope they have fun and continue to bond.

What do you think of Josh Gordon and his teammates taking a gambling trip?

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