GMA Twitter Trolls the Cleveland Browns


As the Super Bowl drew to a close last night and Cleveland Browns fans thought about what might have been with Chris Matthews, Bill Belichick and Josh McDaniels, the Good Morning America (GMA) Twitter account decided to troll:

Interesting that they would even be aware of the way Browns fans tend to think about “next year.” Could it be that a Browns fan is at the controls of the account? Yet they are right. It is next year for us. As I went to bed last night here was my final tweet, possibly proving GMA right about us:

And I do feel good about the Browns. It isn’t just the vague hope of what could be in the NFL Draft and free agency, although that plays a part. It isn’t just the delusion of a fan watching a game where the teams’ defenses led the way, but it plays a part. And it isn’t just the idea that anything can happen in the NFL, unlike the NBA, though that plays a part.

What GMA is trolling about is years and years of hopeless optimism from the Cleveland faithful that turns quickly into a negative narrative, driven much by the local media.

(Quick Aside: How the local media handle the fact that Matthews was on the Browns in 2011 is proof of the negative narrative. He got cut, didn’t get signed by any other NFL team and spend a couple seasons in the CFL. Not exactly a Browns story but some tried to make it about us, again with negativity.)

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So why did I go to bed feeling good about our future? I believe in Mike Pettine and Ray Farmer, in that order. The model that they are going toward was a similar model that both Super Bowl teams had. Besides Rob Gronkowski there were no star receivers in that game.

I also thinking favorably about the young nucleus of talent that we have on the roster. I think if we had Alex Mack all season we would have had a winning record and possibly made the playoffs. I believe we are a quarterback, nose tackle and receiver away from competing for the AFC North title this season. Naturally we will add to other areas of our team as well.

So while GMA trolls the Cleveland Browns and their fans, this fan is excited for the future. Including the numerous NFL Mock Drafts that we hope to cover today.

What do you think about GMA’s tweet and the Browns future?

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