Last Two Rd. NFL Mock Draft: The Balanced Edition


Here we are at last. Over the weekend we have brought you three other NFL Mock Drafts: The All Defense, The QB and His Weapons and the All Offense. Each had it’s own merits but none helped address the variety of needs that the Cleveland Browns have this year. A more balanced NFL Mock Draft is in order and then on Monday we will bring them all together and vote on which NFL Mock Draft you like the best.

You have read all of our thoughts related to the Browns team and their needs in the first three NFL Mock Drafts, if you haven’t read them we hope this one encourages you to do so. So instead we will get right to it with this NFL Mock Draft: The Balanced Edition and give you our picks, none of these players were selected in the first three but each was a position identified as a need at some level.

West Virginia. Kevin White. 12. player. 53. . Wide Receiver

Kevin White is a receiver who could end up being selected as the top receiver in this draft. There are many who like him even more than Amari Cooper. White has been compared to Larry Fitzgerald, a huge compliment, as a big play receiver who can do everything.

For the Browns, White gives them a player who can open up the offense with his tremendous route running, combination of size and speed and great hands. With Andrew Hawkins on the inside, Taylor Gabriel opposite of him and the Browns good running game, White should be able to make an impact quickly. As always, quarterback play will be huge.

Devante Parker, Cooper and even Devin Funchess could also be selected here.

53. . Defensive Tackle. Florida State. Eddie Goldman. 19. player

Eddie Goldman comes in to fill the Browns need at nose tackle. Goldman is not a pure nose but can play a number of positions on the defensive line, both in the even and odd fronts. Goldman is fast off the ball but stout enough to hold up against the run. Because of his scheme versatility it would be a small surprise for him to make it to 19 but it is very possible.

Goldman could line up in the middle of the Browns front 3 or outside as a defensive end if the Browns bring in a nose tackle to fill the role better. Goldman’s ability to work all up and down the Browns line will give him a ton of value. In the middle he would be surrounded by Desmond Bryant and Phil Taylor which would give the Browns a big, powerful group to fend off the offensive line and allow the linebackers to make plays.

Malcom Brown, Carl Davis and Jordan Phillips all could be selected here as well.

Ereck Flowers. 43. player. 53. . Offensive Line. Miami

Some believe the Browns have a big need on the offensive line while others believe Mitchell Schwartz, John Greco and Michael Bowie are good enough for the two positions on the right side of the line. Ereck Flowers is too good of a prospect to pass up here and fits GM Ray Farmer‘s history of building from the inside out. After last year, where the Browns struggled due to injuries, you can bet Farmer will want to add to the line.

Flowers is a huge hulking player that could play any of 4 positions on the offensive line, center is not in his wheelhouse at this point. For the Browns they could move Schwartz inside or push Flowers to right guard. Either way the Browns would get more athletic, younger and deeper with this selection. Paul did a great job of profiling Flowers a few weeks ago (New Window).

Jake Fisher, Cameron Erving and others could be available here and fill this spot as well for the Browns.

So there you have it. A balanced NFL Mock Draft for the Cleveland Browns where the team addresses some big needs with some great talent. Unlike the other drafts we provided, where the Browns became good to great on one side of the ball, we have improved the overall talent level here. White is a #1 receiver and could show that in his first season. Goldman will hold the point of attack well for the team and Flowers will instantly upgrade the offensive line’s depth.

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The Browns still have big needs at quarterback, tight end, inside linebacker and a long term safety replacement for Donte Whitner. The team has 7 more picks, and free agency, to fill those needs. At some level it then depends on what you value. All four of our NFL Mock Drafts from this weekend provided reasonable selections in the 1st round. All of them are possible but only this one is likely.

Tomorrow we will present a poll to you to ask you to vote on which of these 4 NFL Mock Drafts you like the best.

For now, after reading the other three, how does this balanced type of NFL Mock Draft sit with you?

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