TE Virgil Green Getting Interest from Browns; Many Others


The Cleveland Browns have a need to fill at the tight end and Denver Broncos’ tight end Virgil Green seems like he could fit the bill. The Browns have reported interest in Green according to Tony Grossi:

Obviously not a strong statement there by one of Cleveland’s biggest Browns beat reporters but acknowledgement enough.

Green isn’t a boxscore marvel by any means. Last year, in 13 games, he caught all 6 of the passes thrown his way for 74 yards and 1 TD. 2013, his only season of playing all 16 games, was his best year, he caught 9 passes. Even in college he was not a big receiving threat. His best year came in 2010 when he had 35 catches for Nevada for 515 yards and 5 TDs. That was enough to get him drafted by the Broncos in the 7th round.

Yet, not only are the Browns after him but the Broncos very much want to re-sign him and quite a few others have checked in with his agent in the first day of free agency, according to The OBR:

"For the Broncos, however, Green is the one tight end that they seem to be working hardest to retain, having wanted to re-sign him since well before the free agency period began.Green received a lot of interest right off the bat, with thirteen teams contacting Green’s agent according to the Post. Of those, “six to eight” are serious.With that level of interest, Green will take a look at what’s out there before committing to Denver, or anyone else."

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That is a ton of interest for a player with such measly stats. What it shows you is two things: 1) Blocking tight ends are still very important and 2) There really isn’t a lot of good options at tight end this year, either in free agency or the draft. Virgil, like OBR said, will get a chance to take his time and let the market come to him. Unlike the receiver position, where there are a number of good to decent options, teams are not likely to move on from Virgil if they think so highly of him to contact him in the first 24 hours.

The Browns have a need for two different tight ends. First, the type Virgil fills, is a blocking, in-line type. The second, and more exciting for fans type, is the move tight end. This is the Jordan Cameron, receiving, split out type tight end who can be all over the field filling multiple roles as a blocker, receiver and whose presence takes the attention of the defense. Not a lot of those kind of players out there either.

What do you think of Virgil Green and so many teams being interested?

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