Report: Darrelle Revis Being Targeted by Browns


The Cleveland Browns may end up making a big splash after all. According to a report from Mary Kay Cabot the team has expressed interest in Darrelle Revis. Revis is considered the biggest free agent prize left on the open market after Ndamukong Suh agreed with the Miami Dolphins and Franchise Tags took Dez Bryant, Justin Houston and Demaryius Thomas basically off the market.

Here is MCK’s tweet:

Needless to say this would completely change the face of the Browns defense. Revis, whose $20 million option was not picked up by the New England Patriots, is likely to be pursued by the Pats, New York Jets and Buffalo Bills, among others. He is a shutdown corner who barely gets thrown at. The Patriots revamped their defensive plans because of his presence. Our favorite off-season Browns guy has confirmed interest:

In Cleveland, Revis would pair with Joe Haden to give the Browns the best pair of corners in the league. With Revis and Haden capable of locking down receivers 1 on 1 on both sides of the field and restricted free agent Tashaun Gipson roaming and ball hawking, the Browns would be able to bring pressure and stop the run with extra defenders.

Revis is likely to carry a big salary but the Browns have the cap space, familiarity for Revis in Mike Pettine’s system and a willingness to spend in the secondary. He is not likely to get the kind of money Suh got, but it will a hefty sum of money. Revis would be the Browns biggest free agent signing since Andre Rison.

The Browns are still likely to look at a number of other players in free agency today including our list that we predicted this morning. If they add Revis, a nose tackle and a pass rusher, the defense would be stellar and would lead the team to great heights.

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Obviously Revis is going to get a ton of attention but the fact that the Browns have interest in him, knowing his price, means that they are willing to at least play in that financial ballpark. While free agency is not how the team wants to build their roster, a chance to literally lock down the opponents top two receivers for years to come could make them go hard after Revis.

We will continue to keep you up to date all day long on the news, rumors and reports as the 4PM signing deadline creeps closer. For now, we can’t imagine a bigger rumor unless the Browns look to trade for a starting level quarterback. Darrelle Revis and Joe Haden Locking Down the Lake, what a story it could be.

What do you think about this report that the Browns are interested in Darrelle Revis?

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