Is Johnny Manziel Out of Rehab? Photo & Report Indicate


Johnny Manziel has been in a Rehab facility somewhere near Cleveland since checking in early in February. The assumption has been that Manziel has been getting treatment for alcohol and/or substance related issues. Many of those programs are 30 days or less, with many people who check themselves in never making it that long.

It is impressive that he has committed himself to his own life and treatment to be in there as long as he has. It is possible that he is out. Collen Crowley, who most consider to be Manziel’s girlfriend posted a picture on Instagram that raises suspicions that the Cleveland Browns would be Franchise QB may be out of rehab:

The caption on her Instagram photo is “Chipotbae,” using the combination of Chiptole and bae, which means Before Anyone Else. They are also on a private plane, since you can see the arm of the pilot near the top middle of the photo.

We don’t have anything for sure that says this is Crowley and Manziel. Maybe she is picking up a friend from someplace. Maybe she has a new bae. Or maybe Johnny Manziel is out of rehab.

As a mental health professional as my full time career, I have some experience and inner knowledge of rehab facilities. It is most likely, if he is released, that he is done with his inpatient rehab part of his process. It is also possible that he is out for a weekend visit as a part of reintegrating himself into the world but not fully immersing himself.

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If he is out for good, he is likely to continue with outpatient treatment through recommended counselors. If he is flying back to Texas his Discharge Plan would have included setting up who he would see when he got back home. If he is only out for a short visit, he will return to the inpatient facility to process what it was like being out, what temptations he felt and what further work needs to be done while in.

To be clear, we are not reporting that Manziel has been discharged nor am I telling you what his treatment specifically entails. Instead, with Manziel’s profile so high and his importance to the future for the Browns, we felt like we should cover the speculation that has started hitting social media tonight.

Update: Shortly after posting this, this came in from ESPN’s Sarah Spain:

Update 2: Mary Kay Cabot is reporting that Manziel is still in treatment but could be out for a visit, as we suggested above:

What do you think about Johnny Manziel’s decision to go to rehab and that he has stayed so long? Do you also read into this Instagram post the way others have?

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